Aug. 12, 1994 -- A really, really sucky day...

Remembering one of my worst days ever, 8/12/94. The day my Grandma passed away. I miss her so much, but I have to say I love my memories of our last moments together. We were playing Scrabble, eating ice cream, and laughing and enjoying just being together with her and my cousins. When she got tired, we went to the movie and saw the Mask with Jim Carey, but before it ended they came and got us from the theater. The news was bad.

Then I went to my Jeep in the theater parking lot and someone had stolen my doors, yes some bastard literally took the detachable window portion of both doors and stole them. This was a frustrating concern that couldn't be addressed in the heat of the moment that became a real pain in the a** when I drove home to Charleston, WV in the midst of tropical storm "Bonnie" with no driver's side window.

All in all, not a good day... Oh yeah that's also the day the last Baseball strike began which eliminated the world series. I can't help wondering if Grandma knew something we didn't and decided without Braves baseball heaven sounded ok to her. Although the Braves did come back the next year and won the very next World Series title.

I miss you Grandma! I miss potato chip bags in the oven. I miss watching games together. I miss our scrabble games. I miss sea shell hunting on the beach. I miss Granddad putting lemon in your coffee at the Elms. I miss you very much.