The Pledge

On the heals of my previous post wading into the Pledge of Allegiance issue, Mark Riddle offers another great Rant on the same subject on

Weekly Rant: One Country Under God-The Pledge of Allegiance

By Mark Riddle, 07/04/2002

I may get into trouble for this one...
The news just covered a church saying the pledge of allegiance during a service. It’s Big news today. I'm not really sure what I think about the body of Christ declaring its allegiance to a nation as a part of worship. But that issue aside, can I just remind those of us who are Christian: "People...We are not a Christian country.”

I’m tired of people telling me that we are. Did I miss something in history class? Do you really think Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were Southern Baptist just like you.

Have you ever heard the term “deism”? Did they talk about God? Yes. Did they mean the same thing evangelically correct politicians and Christians mean today? No.

If I hear one more pastor say, “We need to get this country back to the way it was started! A Christian Country!” I’ll lose it. I’ll go nuts. Last I checked my history books; a lot of the people you call “Christians like me” all but obliterated the Native American population in the name of Divine Providence. Nothing says the love of God like racism, genocide, betrayal, and greed.

On the other hand, It goes both ways. Christians aren't the only ones at fault. If some guy in Northern California doesn’t want his kids to say one nation “under God”, then he shouldn't let them.

If you have problems with what goes on in school, pray.... er.... wish that Bush passes the school voucher bill and then Home school your kids. But frankly Mr. O’hare won’t homeschool his kids. Why? Because he wants his kids to experience the diversity of the world, and you get that in Public Schools. He wants diversity as long as it doesn’t have to do with God, the Buddha, Allah, Krishna or whatever. The guy bringing the lawsuit lives in San Francisco for crying out loud...the supposed temple of diversity and acceptance.

Sometimes the most tolerant people are the least tolerant of all.

It all comes down to separation of church and I mean state. The Christian Country thing has never worked.

Look gang. God’s still God. Whether our kids say the pledge of allegiance in school or not. So Pastor’s take down the church marquee that reads “One Nation under God.” Because frankly we are as under God as any other country. How about “All Countries under God” Last I check China was under God. So was, Somalia, Bosnia, South Africa, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Australia, Vietnam, Egypt and India. (to name a few) It’s bad theology to think that the USA is the “One Nation” under God. It’s bad history to think we were founded by people who view the world like we do. Let me say it in words Pastors will understand. That is Historical Eisegesis. Your Historicity is flawed.

Honestly I think the American Flag belongs in our church as much as..... well..... the Christian flag. So lets get them out of our churches. We are screwed if we think that our “Christian nation” is at risk if we stop saying the pledge in schools. And I mean really screwed. Because the kingdom of God has nothing to do with the pledge. It’s not dependent on any president, congressman, elected leader or judge. It’s not based on any law in the books. But it’s written in our hearts. or have we forgotten that? Have we depended on comfortable slogans and a large military presence to build this “Christian nation”? I suppose it’s easy to say when you are the world‘s only super power. I’ll say this. It’s complete arrogance to think that the USA will be a superpower forever. A time will come when we will be more like modern Italy. Will you still be a Christian then? or will your world fall apart?

The USA is not a Christian nation. Let your trust be in God not a “Christian government”. Let’s separate the church and hate. Let’s worry more about the hearts of people and their journey than the politics of a pledge that’s only existed in its current form for 50 years.