One Nation, Under God

I really like the food for thought offered by Aaron Shafovaloff on regarding the recent court decision for the Pledge of Allegiance.

I agree especially with his comments:

-- I don’t want anyone using my God’s name, any reference, or allusion to him in vain. I already hear enough of that. Nor do I want to coerce any child or force any Christophobic citizen into professing God’s sovereignty over America.

-- America isn’t just my country. It belongs to every American citizen, and if the government should decide by legislation or judicatory to purge itself of God, then so be it. Rattling off the Pledge of Allegiance as a vacuous, ritualistic ordinance without meaning and faith in Christ, God in the flesh, is to me nothing but an ignorant blasphemy.

-- Professed or not, the nation and its people have been and will always be "under God."

-- This decision and any further decision to remove the endorsement of God in American government does not interfere with my right to continue openly professing my belief in God. Too many Christians spend way too much time being mad at the world instead of loving it. The ruckus is embarrassing. Let us all “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and get on to more pressing issues.

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