The Day in Sports and Other Stuff

What a day...
Lots of action in the sporting world,

(1) Triple Crown attempt
While War Emblem tries for the win, I'm thinking a horse named "War" might win the rarest prize in sports the same week we have a war on Civil Liberties to fight in the name of the War on terrorism. (Which is more threatening to our way of life aka freedom? Middle Eastern terrorists or Middle-Upper Class Conservative Politicians?) Anyway, I found myself rooting for the win during the race despite the symbolism. I think it's definitely cool that the 70-1 underdog "sarava" (wonder what sarava means?) won the race... maybe that's where the symbolism lies. Now I've seen the stumbe out of the gate several times and wonder whether we'll see the glory of the wins or just the agaony of defeat as "War's" legacy.

(2) Braves Win, Braves Win, Braves Win
Watched the Braves beat the Rangers in extra innings on the strength of 2 Andruw Jones homeruns. Very glad to see him doing well especially after signing the long-term deal last year for less money. Watched him compared to A Rod who seems to have chased the money.. Really liked Joe Simpson's comments following A Rod and I Rod's visit to the mound in the ninth saying the pitcher should be fine since he just got $39 million worth of advice : )

(3) Bad B-Ball Movies

a. The Air Up There
Watched a few minutes of Kevin Bacon as a basketball coach going to Africa for the greatest recruit... No comparison to the classic 70's film "World's Greatest Athlete" starring the dad from Good Times and Tim Conway. Flipped the channel to:

b. Celtic Pride
Another bad b-ball flick this one starring Damon Wayans, Judge Reinhold and Dan Ackroyd. Good reference to Bill Buckner's error in game 6 of '86 world series (we always see his stumble not his glory don't we), but otherwise couldn't watch much. Again 70's flick, "Fish that Saved Pittsburgh" is better.

4. Lennox Lewis Knocks Out Tyson
Tyson is gracious in defeat. Lewis wins handily confirming himself as true champion going back to Ali, Marciano, Joe Lewis, etc. Lennox is good, but he's not as good as a guy named Joe.

5. Detroit Beats Carolina in NHL Finals
Overtime... kind of cool. It's hockey, so I don't really care. sorry.

Upcoming sports, Braves baseball, World Cup Soccer, Braves baseball, NBA championship, more Braves baseball, you get the idea...